Granite City – All-America City: YouTube

Originally on two reels, this film was recorded by Harry Fechte and narrated by Roderick Schoenlank in 1959, after the National Municipal League (now the National Civic League) and Look Magazine designated Granite City an All-America City. This designation is officially listed as 1958, but the film mentions 1959. We offer our apologies for the audio quality in the second half of the film. This was caused by time and improper storage of the film reels.

KETC | Living St. Louis | Presidential Visits: YouTube

Video segment from the KETC television program Living St. Louis recorded by Harry Fechte of the then Senator Kennedy’s Monday, October 3, 1960 campaign stop at the Granite City Bellmore Shopping Center. A transcript of President Kennedy’s speech from the event can be found at

Sculptor Gib Singleton 1935 – 2014: YouTube

Granite City High School Alumni and Wall of Fame inductee Gib Singleton recently passed from this Earth. Published on Mar 4, 2014 A short video, produced by Rob Reid, recalling the works and life of artist Gib Singleton. America’s foremost religious and western sculptor.

Senator John F. Kennedy at Bellemore Village in Granite City: YouTube

Original 8mm film of Senator John F. Kennedy during his presidential campaign stop at Bellemore Village Shopping Center in Granite City, Illinois on Monday, October 3, 1960. Campaigning for Governor of Illinois is Otto Kerner, Jr., then a judge in the Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County. Both were elected 36 days later.

Originally filmed on 8mm Kodachrome Movie Film by Steve Conkovich of Granite City. There is no audio.

Wilson Park Ice Rink Construction: YouTube

This video of various stages of the Wilson Park Ice Rink construction was originally filmed on 8mm reels by William Gaines of Granite City. William’s son Gary donated this video to SMRLD. — at Wilson Park Ice Rink.

History Talk – First Granite City Firehouse: YouTube

Celebrate Granite City presented the history of the first firehouse in Granite City on Tuesday, October 28.  Filled with Granite City history, trivia, and several stories, you’ll be entertained whether you’re interested in Granite City history, firefighting history, or you just like a good story. (Recorded and edited by SMRLD)

Tour of the First Granite City Firehouse: YouTube

This video is a follow-up to the History Talk – First Granite City Firehouse
Larry Zotti discusses much of the firefighting memorabilia located at the first firehouse in Granite City, Illinois, located at 1411 19th Street. Mr. Zotti maintains the building as a museum, complete with four fire trucks and numerous pieces of firefighting history and memorabilia. The central focus of Mr. Zotti’s collection is the Granite City Fire Department and American LaFrance fire trucks. (Recorded Monday, November 17, 2014 and edited by the Six Mile Regional Library District.)

Tri-City Grocery Jingle (YouTube)

This radio jingle, recorded sometime in the 1950’s, was digitized from a 45 RPM record that had been donated to the Old Six Mile Historical Society. The pictures were gathered and digitized, primarily from Granite City Press-Record microfilm reels, by the Granite City, IL Chronicle: A Historical Journey Facebook page.

Dr. Felicia Koch Presentation from February 1984: YouTube

This presentation was given by Dr. Felicia Koch to the Old Six Mile Historical Society in February 1984. Dr. Koch, who established her practice in 1938, was Granite City’s first female doctor. Dr. Koch retired in 1986 and passed away on January 15, 2001.

Robert Olen Butler – Before the Pulitzer: YouTube

Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert Olen Butler talks with Six Mile Regional Library District staff member Gregg McGee in an interview recorded in December 1983 for the interview program “Coffee Break” on Southwestern Cable. Butler is a native of Granite City and a graduate of Granite City High School. He has penned 14 published novels and many short stories. His short story collection “A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain” won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1993.

Granite City Park District In Action (1962): YouTube

Recorded in 1961 and 1962, this film shows all of the events and activities the Granite City Park District had to offer at that time, as well as incredible footage of Wilson Park and its gardens.

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