This Web site is devoted to the history of the three communities served by the Six Mile Regional Library
District: the city of Granite City, the village of Pontoon Beach, and the unincorporated area of Mitchell,
Illinois. These communities are located in southwestern Illinois; the Mississippi River and St. Louis,
Missouri, are just a few miles away. All three communities have made important contributions to the
growth and development of the state of Illinois, and they have interesting histories that need to be
recorded and preserved for future generations.

The Web site is the result of the participation of the Six Mile Regional Library District and the
Edwardsville Public Library in ILEAD U (Illinois Libraries Explore, Apply and Discover), a three-year grant
program. ILEAD U was funded in 2009 by the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program of the Institute
of Museum and Library Services
and by the Secretary of State/Illinois State Library.

Eight teams throughout Illinois were chosen to participate in ILEAD U during 2011, which was the
second year of the program. The goal of each team was to create a project that would help team
members develop leadership skills while addressing a particular need of the local community. A
requirement of team projects was the use of various kinds of participatory technology.

Team members for the “Six Miles of Local History” project were Tallin Curran, Lynda Seegert, and
Jeanette Kampen, Six Mile Regional Library District, and Judy Thompson, Edwardsville Public Library.
The team’s mentor was Gwyn Stupar, Northbrook Public Library.

This Web site is an evolving project. It will continue to grow as time permits and as additional historical
materials are found and put online. Any donations or loans of materials suitable for inclusion on the site
would be gratefully accepted by the Six Mile Regional Library District.

Contact Information

Six Miles of Local History
Six Mile Regional Library District
2001 Delmar Ave.
Granite City, IL 62040

618-452-6238 (ask for Tallin Curran, Operations Manager)


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